Some years ago Richard Neustadt and Ernest May wrote the book Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision Makers, which offered a formula for analysing the past in order to avoid future foreign policy mistakes. The formula was based on the mnemonic K-U-P/L-D. Separate what is known now from what is unclear and from what is presumed. Do the same for what was known, unclear and presumed then. Compare then with now for likeness and differences. Articulate specifically what now is of concern.

As Museums Australia clocks up 75 years of working on behalf of Australian museums and galleries, the NSW Branch is delving into its past and pursuing a number of related activities, beginning with a history page on the branch website and including an archival project. In short, we want to reflect on what was done between 1968 and 2000, who did it, and whether there are any lessons to be carried into the future.  

There are now more museums. The level of government funding has increased dramatically. The world has been transformed by technology. But has the game really changed all that much?  

Check our growing history page at and, if you have information or thoughts on the matter, consider adding your memories to this blog or contact us.

Paul Bentley.      

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