Announcing preliminary details of the 2011 National Conference.

Museums Australia WA branch is pleased to announce preliminary details of the 2011 National Conference.

For the first time the 2011 Museums Australia National Conference will be held in conjunction with the National Symposium of the Interpretation Association of Australia.

MAWA and IAA(WA) will host this combined conference at the soon to be opened State Theatre Centre located in the revitalised Perth Cultural Centre, from 14th to 18th November 2011, with field trips and workshops also planned for the weekend of 19th and 20th November.

The Conference is an opportunity for colleagues across both organisations to come together to consider questions of our future in a rapidly changing world.

The Conference will explore the themes of the Frontier and Horizon. To be “at the Frontier” implies we are facing the unknown, the unexplored, asking what’s “over the horizon”? Many explorers have already ventured forth, so now its time to bring these discoveries together; to share, to learn, to speculate on what else is “out there”. We are looking for explorers, adventurers, discoverers, researchers, seers, prophets, travellers, story-tellers and entrepreneurs to help us piece together our map for the future.

The conference will comprise all the traditional elements of the MA National Conference: formal conference proceedings, a regional and remote stream integrated into the main conference, opportunities for all National Networks to have their own sessions or pre-or post conference activities, together with an Interpretation stream and field trips.

The formal call for papers will be out in the new year, but in the meantime, mark you diaries, and start thinking about what you might like to present at the conference.

We have also formed several working groups to organise the various elements of the conference and we are seeking interested people who are willing to put their energy, time and great ideas into making this a successful conference. In particular we are looking for additional members for the following groups. If you are interested please contact the Working Group chair direct. We are also looking for ideas and suggestions for the conference, whether it be speakers, workshops, tours, activities, sponsors, marketing ideas, we welcome them all! Your ideas can be passed through the MA WA branch office who will ensure they are passed on to the appropriate committee.

Working Group


Contact details

Program working groups:

  • Remote and Regional

Philippa Rogers

P: (08) 9405-5631


  • Interpretation

Patsy Vizents

P (08) 9372 9763


  • Visual Arts

Soula Veyradier

P: (08)93640155

Social Program working group (includes field trips and pre-and post conf activities)

(Chair not yet appointed)

Contact Jane King

P: 08 9427 2840


General suggestions and ideas can be directed to:

MAWA Branch office:

P: 08 9427 2770


We hope you will join us in the fantastic event, an opportunity to showcase our sector to wider Australian and International audiences. We are also encouraging all our members to organize their exhibition calendars to ensure there is plenty for our regional, interstate and international visitors and colleagues to see and do whilst they are here.

Looking forward to 2011,

Soula Veyradier | President | Museums Australia WA

Gil Field | State Co-ordinator | Interpretation Association of Australia

Jane King | Executive Officer | Museums Australia WA

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