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Let's not pretend that Museums Australia is only 22 years old

#MA2015Syd Conference blog

An invitation for a chat

I’m interested in the history of Museums Australia and I’m attending the national conference in Sydney 21-24 May. If you share this interest, collar me during the breaks and let’s have chat.

My interest in the history was sparked by…


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Art Hits in Emerald City

#ma2015Syd conference Blog

Tackling a thorny topic

Stephen Fry has written about them. Geoffrey Robertson and Amal Clooney have been to court about them. The debate continues about the Elgin Marbles. The National Gallery of Australia’s dancing Shiva was the object of our local reflections. At the Museums Australia national conference, panellists Michaela Boland from The Australian and respected academics Robyn Sloggett from the University of Melbourne and Donna…


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Come to Sydney to go to Antarctica

#ma2015Syd conference blog

If you are planning to attend the Museums Australia national conference 21-24 May, why not combine your attendance with a visit to the Australian National Maritime Museum exhibition Shackleton: Escape from Antarctica?

Billed as “a survival story for the ages”,…


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Small museum inspiration at Museums Australia conference

#ma2015syd conference blog

Refreshing ideas

Those working in small museums and remote locations frequently inspire those working in the larger institutions. Remember, at the 2009 Museums Australia’s national conference, the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology’s Edith Cuffe, who livened us up by showing us how to create something out of nothing with an annual medieval dress-up festival in the unlikely State of Queensland? 

The national conference has also lifted…


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Bill Constable: do you know more?

Do you know the whereabouts of an unpublished book by the Australian stage and film designer, William (Bill) Constable?

The Wolanski Foundation and Olga Sedneva are searching for the manuscript or publisher’s proofs or other material…


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Museum Studies program closing

The Faculty of Science at Macquarie University has decided to discontinue the museum studies program by phasing it out over the next two years. 

If you regard professional education and training as a critical issue for the museum sector, this is disturbing news. Although we are in the midst of Australia’s Educational Revolution at a time when national cultural policy is under scrutiny, we are seeing cuts not only to this excellent museum studies program but also to the music…


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Thinking in time

Some years ago Richard Neustadt and Ernest May wrote the book Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision Makers, which offered a formula for analysing the past in order to avoid future foreign policy mistakes. The formula was based on the mnemonic K-U-P/L-D. Separate what is…


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IMAGinE Awards for NSW & ACT museums & galleries

This is a reminder that nominations for this year’s IMAGinE Awards for NSW and ACT museums and galleries close on 22 August. Putting in a nomination has a number of benefits. It encourages museums to reflect on what they have been doing over the past 12 months. It makes it possible for them to celebrate the good things they have been doing. It publicises the museum. And it may generate ideas for future work.

The 2011 IMAGinE Awards night will be held in the Australian Museum on Friday…


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Get on board

With apologies to Shirley Temple: get on board

In our final update for the MA NSW symposium, Place, Space and Identity: New Directions for NSW Museums, Macquarie University 18-19 April 2011, we draw attention to practical matters and side attractions.


The symposium dinner, a three course meal with beverages and side of objects,…


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Multi-touch with a touch of spice

In the Museums Australia (NSW) symposium Place, Space & Identity: New Directions for NSW Museums at Macquarie University 18-19 April, Object Consulting and Red & Robin, will demonstrate multi-touch technology using the example of the exhibition A Touch of Spice: Indian Sydney, with photography by Effy Alexakis and research by historian Leonard Janiszewski. Multi-touch refers to a broad category of devices that allow interaction from multiple users at once. The…


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Renaissance, Reformation and Reinventing the Wheel

Alec Coles, CEO of Western Australian Museum, is among three keynote speakers who have joined the list of presenters in the Museums Australia (NSW) symposium Place, Space, and Identity: New Directions for NSW Museums, 18-19…


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What if museums didn't exist

…and Australian governments said they would provide about three quarters of a billion dollars to help develop them, what would you invent? Would you create a new policy regime to replace the current funding quagmire? This may be one of the questions occupying the minds of those preparing presentations for Place, Space & Identity: New Directions for NSW Museums, the MA NSW symposium at Macquarie University 18-19 April.  Early bird rates have just been extended to 1 April. With…


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Museums with libraries and archives

OCLC published a report last week that may be of interest to museums with library and archival collections and smaller museums with more than objects. Taking Our Pulse: the OCLC Research Survey of Special Collections and Archives, by Jackie M Dolley and Katherine Luce ( surveys collections in North American research and university libraries, but it also… Continue

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Museums and technology: 6 trends and challenges

I’ve just come across the following report which may be of interest to Manexus colleagues. The Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts, the museum-focused branch of the New Media Consortium, has published the 2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition. The report describes six emerging technologies likely to have a significant impact on museum education and interpretation over the next five years: mobile services, social media, augmented reality,… Continue

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