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Back at 'Reality Ranch': Social Media Pioneers and Defenders of the Fort

There is an interesting discussion thread about some institutions blocking social media communication for their staff. This started off as a short reply but has mutated into comment on broader related issues which may be worth a quick squiz. Museum Australia’s adoption of Ning as a communication platform caused initial problems as our Sophos anti-virus screening software identified the site as being for ‘dating purposes’ and blocked access. Ning… Continue

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Spam activity

Just to let you all know that following a spam issue today we have reset security settings to ensure that this doesn't happen again!

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Sir Ken Robinson: a captivating and amusing speaker

Sir Ken Robinson is a really funny, clever and erudite man. If you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing him speak live, click on the TED link below, and see Sir Ken speak passionately about the importance of nurturing creativity in young children. Food for thought for inclusion in museum public programs.

Link to TED… Continue

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Is the collecting sector becoming a cultural producer and broadcaster?

Let's start this discussion on whether the lines between the collecting sector, academia, the arts and the media are blurring in preparation for the Collections Australia Network Forum in Adelaide, December 1.

It will be the theme of the hypothetical at "Allsorts Online: the collecting sector, academia, the arts and the media". The panellists will include Angelina Russo (University of Melbourne), Chris Winter (ABC Innovation), Susannah Elliot (Science Media Centre), Sarah… Continue

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How to keep inspired after the conference is over

Drowning in the post-conference miasma of un-packing, filing, paying bills and other such necessities, into my in-box pops an article entitled "Don't let conference inspiration vanish when you return to work."

How serendipitous! The universe does seem to provide when you are looking for a pick-me-up!

Kelly Dyer, editor of the weekly Source for Communicators, gives some helpful tips on how to keep up the energy levels post-conference:

1. Talk to strangers (at the… Continue

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Something old something new

For those new to the Education Network, you may not be aware that there was a Network blog called Assembly --instigated initially by Cath Styles -- which without her great editorial guidance has languished a little. That is by-the-by now we have this shinny new Ning, but the blog does contain a numbe rof great posts relevant to museum learning. As such I (derek williamson) will be gradually migrating them here to the the new Ning Blog. I will copy across author details and if possible back date… Continue

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Managing the Social Media Deluge

As of today I have been accepted into the ‘hallowed halls’ of the Museums Australian Education National Network (MAENN) on Ning. As such thought I would add a few lines to circulate amongst the good people who subscribe to the MA hub in a burst of rash enthusiasm. In essence, this wittering (an older form of twittering) is about how busy people manage and use various forms of social media to communicate and share ideas. I don’t have the complete…


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2010 Global Curator Exchange Program

The Historians’ National Network of Museums Australia and Curators’ Committee of the American Association of Museums are pleased to announce the launch of the 2010 Global Curator Exchange Fellowship Program.

This program is open to one curator from Australia and one from the United States. Each will be awarded a stipend to attend the other’s national conference.

The Australian curator will receive US $1,500 to help defray the cost of attending the American… Continue

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