The Collections Council has provided Elaine Labuschagne, the CollectionsCare Coordinator, with digital and hard copies of the CollectionsCare Bookshelf. Staff and colleagues of the Collections Council have drawn together a useful bibliography of accessible resources to support the work of those caring for collections.


In putting this resource together, the CCA sought resources that were accessible, in most cases are available online, and that were approachable for users with different levels of experience.


This bookshelf draws on the work of many organisations and individuals, but it is not a comprehensive list of all resources available to those working in collections. It is intended to be a good, broad basis for those seeking to improve their practices, and a starting point for organisations, volunteers or staff who may be facing a particular challenge in the care of their collections.


Download the bibliography and have a look. Please use this discussion thread to suggest any other resources that you find useful, or share some of our thoughts and comments on these resources.

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