Attached is the revised Appendix E Resources list incorporating corrections for outdated or broken links, to date.  M&GSQ.

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I think it would be useful for users to be able to comment via the CCA link format however I wonder if there will be potential for problems once the CCA pages are no longer being maintained after April 30? eg if the link to the Collections Law site changes for any reason and the CCA site is not being maintained the info would no longer be accessible. Would it therefore be better to keep it simple and take users directly to the specific pdf on the Simpson's site?

Ann Baillie said:
Hi Margaret
Thank you for clarifying. I now understand that for Chapters 1, 2 & 39 there is a choice to be made between using the Collections law site via CCA with this link and accessing the whole list of contents and having the opportunity to comment on the text or using the Simpson's site with link to the specific pdf which takes you directly to the chapter in question but without all the acknowledgments and the opportunity to comment.

What do others think- which link would you like to see in version1.1 of NSFAMG?


Margaret Birtley said:
Dear Anne and all,

Sorry, my mistake with most of what I suggested - I was working too quickly and not reading properly. I apologise for the distraction.

The enduring point, however, is something that would be good for the group to consider - do you want to use the Simpson's site for Collections Law chapters, or the Collections Law site via the CCA website (where the full imprint details are maintained, and where users can comment on the text).

The current listing for the CL chapters isn't wrong, just a more limited version. Any change can therefore wait till the next round of changes.

Ann Baillie said:
Dear Margaret
Sorry I am confused by your post- can you please clarify? As far as I can see the links you propose for Simpsons Duty of care and the website are identical to the listing in Column 3 posted by Kerri in revised Appendix E.
The links included in Kerri's post for Chapters 1,2 & 39 ( thanks for spotting chapter 2 is duplicated in error) do work . However is your point that we should use the Collections Council address for these instead as these include the acknowledgments omitted on the links on Simpsons website?
Apologies to be missing your point.

Margaret Birtley said:
Dear all,

I've just been looking a bit more closely at the document that Kerri uploaded, and realise that there are some old URLs for Simpson's Collections Law (chapters 1, 2 (duplicated!) and 39.
The official URL for Collections Law is:
Simpson's website pubished the same chapters (now via:, but without all the imprint and acknowledgement details.

Also, Simpson's article about the Duty of Care to the Public has a new URL -

Finally, the URL for Simpsons Solicitors, Online Resources: Museums and Galleries (webpage) should be updated to:

Sorry to be late in making these contributions.


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