Hi everyone,

I was asked to present about the Standards at the Museums Australia conference in Launceston today. The requirement was for a 3 minute talk. The text attached here is about 6.5 minutes. I cut it to 5 minutes for delivery but thought it would be better to share the slightly longer wording here.

Best regards from a former Taskforce member.

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Hi all

Congratulations on almost getting to Version 1.4! I was very happy to have participated in the Taskforce over several years and am glad to see it is still being updated although disappointed that in almost two years since I had to resign my membership due to the cutting of contracts at the WA Museum, there is still no official platform to host the Standards. 

I know we have our ups and downs in this industry and at present I am back with the History Department of the WA Museum and very much enjoying my work. I hope all is well with each of you but fear that the announcements of cut-backs for our national cultural institutions is just a further step in de-valuing our sector. 

I wish I was there at the conference to catch up with everyone and I hope those of you who are attending enjoy what is on offer.

Best wishes, Jo Hyland - another former Taskforce member

Thanks for sharing this Margaret.



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