National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries V1.4 2014


The National Standards Taskforce has just released Version 1.4 of the National Standards for Australian Museum and Galleries with updated resources and links.


Collecting organisations of all kinds are invited to use the National Standards as a practical resource.


The Standards are structured in three parts. ‘Managing the Museum’ focuses on museum management, from governance to day-to-day operations, resource management and future planning. ‘Involving People’ addresses the role of the museum in engaging and involving visitors and the wider community. ‘Developing a Significant Collection’ focuses on collection management and conservation.


The release of this latest version continues the Taskforce’s commitment to continually review the document so that it remains relevant to the needs of Australian museums and galleries.


This document is intended to be freely available to Australia’s many museums and galleries. T

It may be accessed at:


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Dear Deannah,

Thank you for this notification about the release of version 1.4 of the NSFAMG. I would like to draw attention to this announcement in a mailout this week from Significance International. I would need some substance for this. Could someone please provide a short explanation of what changes have been made with each version since launch, notably v.1.4?

Congratulations to all involved for keeping this important guiding document alive.

Veronica Bullock

Dear Veronica,

Thank you for your post.

Revisions to the NSFAMG (versions 1.1 - 1.4) include the repair of broken links and updating URL's to existing resources, the deletion of superseded resources, the addition of new resources and to ensure the correct information of Taskforce Members. No amendments have been made to the structure of the document.

Kind regards

Deannah Vieth

Museums & Galleries Queensland

National Standards Taskforce Secretariat

Just wanted to say thanks for providing this information Deannah. It was included in the Significance International mailout. Apologies for my very tardy response! Veronica Bullock


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