The National Standards Taskforce is looking for contributions to the sector as we begin the process of developing a 2.0 edition of the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.

Version 2.0 will be developed in 2015-2016 in consultation with the museum and gallery sector.  To assist the Taskforce, we invite you to contribute feedback to help determine the scope and content of changes to the National Standards.  We will be hosting a discussion here between 1 August and 31 October.  


So far several topics have been raised around which the taskforce could develop new principles and benchmarks to achieve them.


  • Does the overarching division of the document into three main areas (managing the museum, involving people, building significant collections) still work for the sector?
  • Do we need a standard to define best-practice in social media for museums and galleries?  Are there existing standards we can use?
  • Do we need a discrete section for copyright instead of/in addition to the guidance already included in version 1.4?  Are there existing resources we might use?
  • Do we need to update Standard C1.5 regarding digitisation digital engagement practice?  This relates to issues including preservation, access, and audience development.
  • Do we need a discrete section on accessibility, in terms of physical access, intellectual access (welcoming people) and social inclusion?  Are there existing resources we might use?
  • One of the important challenges we face is environmental sustainability. Recent initiatives including Clever Custodians and M&GSQ’s Lighting and Sustainability Handbook go a long way towards resourcing the sector. Do we also need a pathway on how to become more sustainable in the Standards?

Resources launched since version 1.4 of the National Standards and which might provide food for thought on updates to the National Standards include:

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