Hi all - congratulations on version 1-2 and the continuing dedication to the Standards project.

Here is an additional and very useful reference that provides guidance for decision making when objects are being activated as part of a heritage interpretation strategy:

"A conservation management tool for functional objects". The authors are Australian: Joanna Barr Romanos (who sadly died in January) and Allison Russell - both well known and highly respected in South Australia. Allison is a member of this group I think, and could help identify the publication date and any other citation details – the date isn’t included in this PDF version:


Not quite sure where it fits best in the Standards. It covers some of the similar ground to the Hands On, Hands off booklet that is already listed. The following two sections would be places to start, I think.

BENCHMARK A2.6.2 Occupational health and safety (OH&S) obligations are fulfilled.

BENCHMARK C2.1.3 The preventive conservation strategy is based on reputable museum conservation information and advice.

Hope this is useful.

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Hi Margaret

Thanks for sending through the info on this newly identified resource. I am sure it will make a great addition and we can add it to our list for the next Standards update which will hopefully be online by the end of 2012.

Kind regards

Jo Hyland


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