I am Stephanie McKenzie, a research contractor for the Australasian Registrars Committee. The ARC will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2010 and to celebrate this they are producing a publication regarding the history of their institution, and the history of Registrars and Collection Managers within Australia and New Zealand. I am currently formulating a questionnaire to circulate within the museums industry in order to gain historical knowledge from senior Registrars. As such, I wondered if you could please offer the names and contact details of any individuals who have worked long term as professional Registrars within your region. I would like the names of those who may be flying under the radar of my contacts list. Please let me know if there is anyone who you can think of that I can contact as I am eager to be as representative as possible. You can contact me at stephaniemckenzie@gmail.com
Best wishes and thank you for your assistance,

Stephanie McKenzie.

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Stephanie - look forward to seeing and filling in the survey - should be fun remembering!

Tim Hart

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