Thanks to MA (WA) for a wonderful National Conference!

Museums Australia thanks and pays tribute to all colleagues in MA (Western Australia), and especially the Organising Committee, for organising an outstanding 2011 National Conference in Perth last week.

There was such a range of papers and diverse topics across four days of plenary addresses and parallel sessions. The social program and associated events were outstanding. And the informal networking was constant throughout the week.

New and ongoing developments across the sector were profiled, some wonderful past achievements were honoured, and everyone was ‘gingered up’ about the sheer diversity and richness of the work of the museums, galleries and cultural heritage sector across the country, sharpened also by some fine international projects, people, and ideas.

As expected when the sector gathers in one city annually, there was a powerful series of take-home impressions gained about the work of WA museums and colleagues, the varied contexts of such a huge state, and the programs and work that fill their days.

Not least among the indelible impressions was the special character of Indigenous histories, communities and aspirations for continuing mainstream impact as well as their varied traditions regionally in the west. All were honoured to be welcomed to Noongar country, especially.

Thank you to the fine museums, galleries, artists and cultural programs flourishing in WA. A reservoir of new knowledge has spread back across the country.

Thank you from us all to Museums Australia (WA)!


Please feel free to add your conference experiences here!

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Many thanks to all our Museums, Gallery and Interpretation colleagues from all over Australia who came along and participated in so many ways to make At The Frontier 2011 such a success.

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