How is your plan progressing? Does it need to be reviewed? Is there an area of your plan that requires more information?

A number of Disaster preparedness and risk management workshops have been held 

near and far in Queensland this year. Participants have come from schools, libraries,

archives, museums and historical societies from Cooktown to Kingscliff. Everyone has

been keen to apply some of the basic principles of developing their plans. how is your

plan progressing? Does it need to be reviewed or is there something you'd like more 

information on?

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looks like it willl definitely be a wet Christmas New Year festive season this year (see attached Bureau of Metereology Weather Alert Update #1 issued 3pm Tuesday 21/12/10).


Have you made sure your Plan's contact list is current and includes when people may be away on holidays etc.


Also remember that any documents that contain people's personal details are to be considered confidential and treated as such.


I trust you all will have a safe, happy and incident free Christmas and New Year


Best wishes




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