Governance Structures for Local Government run museums

Hi all,

I am on the scrounge for copies of any documentation and commentary on Board structures for Local Government run museums in Australia.

I am currently going through the process of developing a strategic plan for the Burke Museum and Historic Precinct in Beechworth and the process has thrown up the need for a Board of Management rather than the current direct Council control and a S86 advisory committee.

It is possible to have a 'trading' Section 86 Committee under the local government act, but is this the best way to proceed.

I have my own ideas and opinions, but I'm sure there is a perfect option already out there.




Grant Collie

Director, Burke Museum and Historic Precinct

Beechworth, Victoria

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Grant you may also wish to check out the resourses and information about museum governance in the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries there maybe some help there - at:

Thanks Lee,

I had a look at that before, but what I am looking for are some case studies for options for a Local Authority run Museum to devolve to a Board or committee with governance and some financial roles rather than simply advisory. My quest ran a bit dry as I was finalising a strategic plan, but now that has been accepted I need to come up with options.




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