Cultural Ministers Council decision on its funding of the Collections Council of Australia

Following its meeting on 9 October 2009, the Cultural Ministers Council has verbally advised the Collections Council of Australia (CCA) that it will:
*** cease funding the CCA
*** provide funding to the CCA for a ‘transitional’ period (the details of which are subject to further discussion)
*** establish a working group that would consider any future approach to matters relating to the collections sector

Established by the Cultural Ministers Council in 2004, the CCA has worked to bring the collections sector – archives, galleries, libraries and museums – together and to provide advice to Ministers on the long term sustainability of, and issues facing, the sector. Last month, the CCA released plans to develop and promote a new model for sustainable scientific and cultural collections in Australia.

The CCA’s operations over four and half years with its four person staff have been supported by the Cultural Ministers Council and the Australian Government with grants totalling $2.1 million.

Further information:

Click HERE to read the CCA’s Media Release about the Cultural Ministers Council’s decision. The Media Release incorporates:
· The Cultural Ministers Council’s terms of reference for the CCA
· The CCA’s proposal for a New Model for sustainable collections

To read about the Collections Council’s achievements, 2005-2009, please click HERE

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Margaret, I trust that some alternative solutions can be found to enable continuation of the work you have begun.
Good luck
Hi Jane. I have learned this evening that today's AGM of the Australian Society of Archivists unanimously resolved that the Society would write to CMC and request a review of their CCA defunding position.
For those interested in some history, albeit a personal perspective, this essay may be relevant.

I have noted with interest that the Cultural Minister's Council media release on its latest meeting gives no detail whatsoever of the decision to cease funding of the CCA! I also note with interest that the meeting was held in Adelaide. I was to a CMC meeting in the Adelaide hills that Daniel Thomas, then director fo the Art Gallery of South Australia, went to try to convince them that the establishment of a group to advance museum policies and programs nationally. The result was the Heritage Collections Working Group which eventually became the Heritage Collections Council, funded very substantially by State museums of all kinds through Museums Australia. The CMC saw fit to cease support of the HCC in 2002.

The CMC's announcement of the establishment of the CCA proclaimed this: This is an historic moment for the collections sector and is the culmination of more than ten years of collaboration on the part of CMC.

Yes, well it wasn't a very long moment, was it! Hardly historic. Australia remains one of the very few countries in the "developed" world without a national policy for museums. But then, is there a national policy for anything?
The CMC media release gives scant attention to the collections sector, with the vast majority of it dedicated to the performing arts. On the strength of this document one could be forgiven for believing that collections do not even fall within their remit at all. At best collections would appear to be a poor cousin in CMC's priorities.

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